Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o.
2020 Annual general meeting

Katowice, Poland – August 16, 2021


The annual general shareholders’ meeting of the company took place on August 12, 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to summarize the results achieved by the company in a year 2020 and discuss plans for a year ahead. As it is quite often happening nowadays the meeting was arranged in a remoted format with participation of shareholders, President and CEO of the company.


During the meeting Olena Kurta, CEO of Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o., spoke about externalities the company had been dealing with during the year 2020 and their impact on the company’s performance and financial results. In general, the results achieved by the Company in the year 2020 were found as satisfactory and adequate with respect to the wider context. 


“The year 2020 was quite challenging one for the company as well as for the whole industry. Moreover, an interruption of manganese ore deliveries from our key supplier that happened at the end of 2019 and continued until the end of April last year had certain negative impact on the performance of the company. However, we managed to overcome emerged difficulties and managed to close the year, as I believe, with the adequate financial results” – said Olena Kurta.


A new challenge has been considered during a meeting and it was resolved that the company shall continue investigating opportunities to expand a portfolio of products being offered to its customers, in particular, the company shall be investigating possibilities of supplying equipment, accessories, spare parts and various other consumables to its existing and eventually new customers.




Primeore Ltd. is a holding company managing a group of companies under Primeore Group brand. The group is focused on servicing the needs of ferroalloy and steel industry by delivering hard physical commodities as well as an abundant scope of value-added consulting and managing services.

Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o. is a trading arm of Primeore Ltd. which is responsible for handling of all international trading and trading-related operations of the group. The company is involved into operations with manganese ore, ferroalloys, coke and coal products worldwide.

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