The company is adapting to new – but hopefully short term – reality

Katowice, Poland – May 10, 2022

While Ukraine is fighting back an unjustifiable war which Russia unleashed on Ukraine and does this quite successfully, many businesses encountered serious problems relating to the blockade Russian aggressors put on Ukrainian Black Sea and Azov Sea ports.

The blockade of the ports interrupted many logistic chains and thus it has become impossible either to export vital products from Ukraine, among which there are crucial industrial commodities and agri products, or to import commodities which are crucial for Ukraine’s economy, like coal and coke products, ores etc.

The said blockade is being condemned by many nations as this is threatening the well being of not only Ukraine, but many other nations who are the traditional trade partner of Ukraine, this is causing further rise of argi commodities prices, and millions of people may face lack of basic food products and even famine.

The Company was using the Black Sea ports to transit their cargo to and back from Ukraine and blockade is thereby affecting those activities of the company. The Company, however, is adjusting to this new reality and succeeded in ensuring that its cargo to be handled through other ports.

In particular the company is conducting cargo transit through the Romanian port of Constantia, as well as other North European ports, for example Rotterdam, thus eliminating to the great extent a shock in the supply chains which the blockade caused.

Also, the Company is making certain re-focus of its sales to new markets whereon transportation of some products may not require use of sea ports, thus fully eliminating the consequences of the ports blockade.


Primeore Ltd. is a holding company managing a group of companies under Primeore Group brand. The group is focused on servicing the needs of ferroalloy and steel industry by delivering hard physical commodities as well as an abundant scope of value-added consulting and managing services

Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o. is a trading arm of Primeore Ltd. which is responsible for handling of all international trading and trading-related operations of the group. The company is involved into operations with manganese ore, ferroalloys, coke and coal products worldwide

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