New President is appointed at Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

KATOWICE, POLAND – September 06, 2020


By resolution of an extraordinary shareholders meeting of Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o. Artem Mitsynskyy, who is also an acting CEO of Primeore Ltd., has been elected and as from September 01, 2020 appointed as a new President of the Management Board of the Company.


Artem Mitsynskyy joined the team in the year 2017 as CEO of Primeore Limited after spending some 7 years in the consulting and investment advisory industry at various positions mainly focused on delivering budgeting, operational, investment and financial advisory services to various production, trading and servicing companies from various industries and on a worldwide outreach.


From 2001 till 2010 Mr. Mitsynskyy worked at various positions in banking sector where he was responsible for conducting and managing operational, financial and investment advisory services with strong focus on steel, mining and ore sectors having worked with well known companies within a wide geography.


Mr. Mitsynskyy graduated with honors from Dnipro National University (Ukraine) where he was majoring in Economics of enterprises and Ernst and Young Academy of Business (Ukraine) where he had completed international financial reporting program.


The shareholders of the Company believe that this appointment will allow to increase effectiveness, improve performance and reinforce a sustainability of the business model of the Company. It is also expected that new appointment will allow to advance the growth and enhance marginality of the Company’s trading operations and profitability in general.




Primeore Trading (Polska) Sp. z o.o. is a trading arm of Primeore Ltd. which is responsible for handling of all international trading and trading-related operations of the group. The company is involved into operations with manganese ore, ferroalloys, coke and coal products worldwide.


Primeore Ltd. is a holding company managing a group of companies under Primeore Group brand. The group is focused on servicing the needs of ferroalloy and steel industry by delivering hard physical commodities as well as an abundant scope of value-added consulting and managing services.


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About us

The Company is a trading arm of Primeore Group established to run and manage the international trading and other related operations of the group with focus on manganese ore, ferroalloy, metallurgical coke and coal products

The Company is dedicated to delivering key commodities for ferroalloy and steel industries worldwide, as we do understand how quality such key components affect quality of the final products and overall effectiveness of production, we pay close attention to the quality of the products delivered as well as all other aspects of our offer

As a responsible supplier we pay attention to the quality of products being supplied as well as to any and all other aspects of any and all operations so that the needs of our customers to be met as much as possible

As a group of companies, we are offering to our customers advantageous end-to-end solutions whereon we do not just supply products but furnish genuinely beneficial solutions which are meeting customers demands and needs

The product mix of the company is laser focused covering the needs of players from ferroalloy and steel industries. Although the company suppliers limited range of products, they play crucial role in manufacturing processes and thus are quite important

The company tries to be as much transparent and open as possible so we are sharing all events that are happening with ourselves as well as our thoughts and insights on markets an industry trends and our business performance so that our customer would have up-to-date knowledge about us

Having years of in-depth and hand-on experience in ferroalloys industry as well as in international trade and related activities the management and employees of the company completely understand the needs of the customers and how they could be met

About the Group

Group's overview ››

The Group is focused on servicing customers from ferroalloys and steel industries and is involved into this business for years. Started as mono-product trading house dealing with manganese ore supplies the group gradually advanced into other products and services nowadays trading by manganese ore, ferroalloys, metallurgical coke and coal and delivering to its customers and wider business community state-of-the-art general and specialized management, IT, marketing and other services

Group at a glance ››

With more than 7 years on the market the Group operations now are outreaching 3 continents with annual sales accounting for about 300 million US dollars, we are employing 50 persons within 3 geographies and serve upto 3 dozen of happy customers with the products and services offer which perfectly suits their needs and requirements

Primeore in Poland ››

Primeore Trading (Poland) Sp. z o.o. has been established relatively recently with the purpose to run and manage the Group’s international trading and other related activities including freight, insurance and financing affairs. The company is focused on manganese ore, ferroalloys, metallurgical coke and coal procuring and delivering the said products worldwide. The company has substituted in those activities its parent company Primeore Ltd.

Primeore in Ukraine ››

Production Innovation Trading LLC is a subsidiary of Primeore Ltd. in Ukraine. The company is handling certain activities of the Group in Ukraine where some key customers of the Group are located and do business as well as conducting trading activities with some commodities and what is the most important delivering specialized professional services like IT, management and marketing consulting, engineering and project management and some other service

Our goal ››

The management is pursuing a goal that the Group would become a one-stop shop for ferroalloy and steel industries players whereat our customers would be have a possibility to purchase as much inputs for their production needs as possible. Years of experience in the industry and clear understanding of the needs of the customers helps us in achieving such goal

Products ››

The product mix of the Group is designed to serve the crucial needs of players within ferroalloy and steel industries. We supply manganese ore and ferroalloys, metallurgical coke and coal as well as quartzite, so our offer covers materials which are very important for the said industries

Services ››

Except of supply of hard commodities, the Group is also offering a diverse mix of services which adds extra value to the Group’s overall proposal. The services include among other IT services, management and marketing consulting, project, financial and investment management etc.

Our products

Manganese ore ››

Manganese is a very important agent being used for many applications; however, metallurgy and related industries are among those where the use of manganese plays the most important role. Our commitment to manganese ore consumers derives from clear understanding of importance of the quality of products and sustainability and reliability of supply chain

Ferroalloys ››

Ferroalloys mostly relate to steel industry where about 87% of alloys are currently – year 2021 AD – consumed. The whole variety of steel grades – stainless steel, heat-resistant, high-strength, structural steel and vast variety of other grades and specifications – can be produced mainly thanks to application of various ferroalloys

Metallurgical coke ››

Metcoke, as a component substantially affecting chemical composition of the resulting final products and effectiveness of technological processes, plays thereby very crucial role in ferroalloy section. With that knowledge in mind we carefully select supply sources of products so that our customers could further thrive and achieve extraordinary results

Metallurgical coal ››

People have so far been familiar with and used coal for millennia. Today coal still plays vital role for many industrial and household needs and is a fossil fuel most widely used by humanity. The quality of coal is a critical factor considered by all industries, thus we pay careful attention to ensure that only highest quality products are duly delivered to our customers

Business performance ››

We are trying to be open and transparent toward our customers and partners a well as to a wider community so that every stakeholder could have updated information about our affairs and to share with the world our opinion and thoughts about the industries and markers and trends prevailing thereon. As a result, we are publishing our regular reports where we share our vision about the present and of course about the future

Corporate blog ››

Our employees feel responsibility to share their opinions with regard to various aspects of business, technologies, discoveries and inventions, usual – and extraordinary – life situations so that more people would know about them. With this purpose in mind, they are regularly writing to our corporate blog


News ››

We are regularly sharing with our customers, partners and wider community what is happening with the Company’s life both with regard to business developments, trends and situations and regarding other more personal affairs

Reports ››

We believe that regular reporting about the Company’s business performance may help our customer and partners better understand the perspectives and advantages of cooperation with us and with that idea in mind we are preparing such business performance repost on the regular basis

Corporate blog ››

Our employees feel responsibility to share their opinions with regard to various aspects of business, technologies, discoveries and inventions, usual – and extraordinary – life situations so that more people would know about them. With this purpose in mind, they are regularly writing to our corporate blog

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